kulfi wala (Ice Cream Man)

This photograph, from Lahore Nama, immediately got my attention and brought back so many childhood memories.

Kulfi Walla, Lahore

Originally taken by Ane Malik, this photo represents once the most cherished desserts of Lahore. It was posted on Lahore Nama by Raza Rumi, a gifted writer whose articles are regularly featured at ATP.

Unfortunately, just like the Gola Ganda and Lacha/Gatta (man with ringing bell who sold us sweet candy in shapes of cars, giraffe, cats, superman etc), the traditional Kulfi is also diminishing slowly. It is rare now that we see the traditional styled Kulfi Carts decorated and painted in vibrant colors and with traditional motifs and with names of Allah and Sufi Saints.

I, at least, am disappointment at losing our Kulfi, Gola Ganda and Lacha/Gatta walas who brought us joy when we were kids.

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