How Many People are on this Motorcycle?

Pictures of overloaded vehicles are nothing special. Not in Pakistan. And our fascinations for rickshaws is also well known. So, why yet another rickshaw picture?

Pakistan rickshaw motorcycle overloading

Unless I have it terribly wrong, what we have here is really an ordinary motorcycle - probably not 7occ, maybe more like 140cc (what do you think, Owais?) - that has been retrofitted to become a people-carrier. All very good till here.

But the question is, how many people are riding on this, well, motorcycle? And did they just break any records without even knowing about it?

By my count, there are at least 9 people on this (3 in the front, four in the back, at least 2 hanging), and maybe as many as 12!

Even by Pakistani standards, that is impressive (and really really dangerous!).

Has anyone here seen worse? Or better? [Depending on what you consider worse, or better!]

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