Kaisa Ho Ga 2010?

Kya Hae Pakistan Ka Mustaqbil?
President of Pakistan: Abhi Pakistani aur khappay ga!
Yousaf Raza Gilani: What did president say???___ Jee bus wohi  jee___ nahi jee___ bilkul wohi jee.
Governor Punjab: I hope there would be no graduation ceremony in 2010.
Shehbaz Sharif: There will be no building in Lahore that deserved to be demolished except Governor House.
Altaf Hussain: We will sit on stairs between government and opposition.
Nawaz Sharif: hahahahaha… what? 2010?… hahaha …what?
Imran Khan: Tehrik-i-Insaf will begin losing its baby teeth. InshaAllah!
Rehman Malik: There will be no Taliban element left in Pakistan except in Punjab , Sindh , N.W.F.P , Balochistan and Kashmir.
Ameer-e-Taliban: We will make some good decisions and will kill religious leaders instead of innocent people.
Chief Justice: Now I will enjoy a sound sleep till 2011.
Farzana Raja: In the whole year of 2010, at least one day poor women will get 2 waqt ki roti.
Fauzia Wahab: 2010??? …A nightmare for Media!
Chairman WAPDA: Hum se kuch achey ki umeed kion rakhtey ho bhai???

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