COLLECTION OF Some Saddest Photographs EVER...............

Skeletons of Bhopal Gas Leak Victims

Rows Of Bodies in Gestapo Concentration Camp

Self Immolation of a Monk in Saigon

Unreliable reforms and harsh treatment of the South Vietnam government forced this monk to burn himself in protest.

The Napalm Girl

The naked girl in the photograph is nine year old Phan Thi Kim PhĂșc. She is running on the street after being burned in a South Vietnamese napalm attack.

Biafran Kids

Excessive lack of protein in kids can lead the muscles of their bodies to waste away and protrudes their bellies. This disease is called kwashiorkor. The photograph was taken in 1970, after three years of war between Nigeria and Biafra

Pollution and Power Lines in China

Vulture Stalking a Sudanese Child

No one knows what happened to this child. Kevin Carter, the photographer, won a Pulitzer for this photograph but committed suicide three months later.

Floating Dead Bodies After Tsunami

A Starving boy in Uganda

Before and After The Hiroshima Bombing.

The red arrow points in the direction of the bombs which are moments away form hitting the land.

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