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Let's have a quick game

Just saw this image published at a cricketing website with the caption:

Homeless children play cricket after being displaced by the Taliban, Swabi, Pakistan.

I say, while in Pakistan, they are not homeless.They are displaced from warm holdings of a house to harsh surroundings. Internally Displaced Persons(IDPs). They are not homeless because Pakistan is their home. And ours.Which is why we should think of their displacement as our own. Fell their hurt as our own. See their struggles as our own. All Things Pakistan (ATP) has setup a way for expats to quickly contribute towards this larger cause. Please do your bit, if you have not already.

After silence of months to aid these IDPs, fortunately, media is speaking now. Please come forward to help our fellow Pakistanis who are displaced from their homes, for us. Lets join hands to have our beautiful lands back. Inshah Allah.

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